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Monkey on my shoulder
Monkey on my shoulder is an independent label created by the established Austrian designer Gina Drewes in 2010. Clients and likewise stylists have been thrilled about the Monkeys from the very beginning and soon they got coverage in Fashion TV and the Japanese Fuji TV broadcasts. Vocalists SOFI (deadmau5), Blaya (Buraka som sistema) and Jenna G discovered Gina�s creations as an effective styling accessory for their music videos and live shows.

Distinct colours, fabrics and styles give every monkey � and particularly it�s owner � a very personal note. This accessory flatters every woman and every figure, regardless if it comes with puff-sleeves, �-sleeves, feathers or wildly fringed. The monkey is exceptionally refreshing, since it offers plenty of possible combinations: Wearing it either to an evening gown, a little black dress or a t-shirt, it will simply enhance every outfit.

All collections are handmade at the Viennese headquarter. Needless to say, that high-class materials, perfect patterns and precise manifacturing are Gina�s standards.

For samples, pictures and more information please contact
Gina Drewes