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Hats by McBURN for more than three decades…

Dieter Arlt founded the company with the brand “McBURN” in Duesseldorf in 1978.
Since then the Duesseldorf-based company produces hats, caps, scarfs and gloves for customers all over the world.

The company - today run in second generation by Michael Arlt - has become one of the leading headwear accessories suppliers in Germany using the gained know-how of over 30 years.

The heart of Dieter Arlt GmbH is represented by their brand McBURN. This brand reflects the ideas and visions of the design team working around Michael Arlt.
Lots of new products of high creativity combined with exclusiveness and excellent cost-benefit-ratio are developed every year.
These attributes particularly make the styles of McBURN so unique nowadays.

The business is committed to issues of sustainability and quality for many years. That’s why almost every product is made of Italian yarns and fabrics.

The McBURN team monitors the whole production process of plenty products from the sheep’s yarns up to the finished hat and is therefore able to guarantee first-class materials and outstanding workmanship.

Sportive looks, timeless classics, urban chic, elegant hats - McBURN provides the perfect headwear accessory for any occasion.

After the last years’ cold winters McBURN’s winter collection followed the motto “Keep your head with the right hat”.
Here, too, the style and the joie de vivre of the brand are reflected very well.