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RADICAL is an international and edgy fashion label for men, which was established in 2011. Originally the focus was on t-shirts, but over the last few years the label expanded its vision and also developed jeans, sweats, accessories and an unique shoe collection. RADICAL’s mission is to create a lifestyle in a world where people dare to be different: #BERADICAL.

RADICAL offers clothes and shoes for men. Good quality is one of the most important standards. The team aspires the products to be excellent and they always try to be the best in what they do. What drives them is innovating and noticing trends at an early stage. Being tenacious yet, at the same time, being able to listen to what the confident man of the 21st century wants is very important. Sophisticated, manly, and at the same time rough items with distinctive details are key to the collections.

Roy Janssen has a great affinity with the fashion industry and entrepreneurship, so this is what he was meant to do. In 2011 he started the label RADICAL, after running an agency himself. According to him, there was a window of opportunity regarding menswear: “I couldn’t find the clothing I liked, so I decided to start making it myself.

RADICAL started as a small company: the first collection was nothing more than six t-shirts with quirky logos, based on photo print. The starting point was to respond to the market, and the first slogan was “We don’t have a slick story, we just make cool stuff”. In the meantime RADICAL has been developing and now we can proudly say: “We DO have a slick story”.

#RADICALBLACKLINE is RADICAL’s premium line, which allows the label to create a new and innovative style. This line is sensitive to trends, and typically consists of dark colors, edgy lines and soberness. The clean #RADICALBLACKLINE collections are perfectly balanced with other RADICAL items. Created for the confident man who believes in edgy streetwear.