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REBIRTH ITALY EcoDesign Jewelry
REBIRTH ITALY EcoDesign Jewelry

It has been said that every problems presents an opportunity.
Rebirth Italy was born from the love of nature and the environment and a passion for creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail typical of Made in Italy. Not just a jewellery line, but a design collection of "wearable sculptures".

The inspiration evokes Imperial Rome and Ancient Egypt, cultures in which jewels were an essential expression of female sensuality. The contemporary feel of the line is embodied by the matter: metal paired with leather or reclaimed textiles. The metal foil, lightweight, versatile, non-allergenic and completely recyclable, retains its brightness through time. Its malleability generates a constant sense of movement, and endless light plays that enhance the wearer's complexion. The lightness and softness of the metal make it adaptable to the body - all pieces are ergonomically designed. The collection plays with bulky volumes but is also ultra-lightweight: from a mere 2 grams for a pair of earrings, to 40 grams for a neckpiece.
The fine leathers and fabrics are all offcuts from the production of bags, shoes or clothes, and are given here a new lease of life. Nothing is wasted - even tiny scraps can find their place on a new exclusive piece. And this is the collection's trademark: thanks to the individual artisanal make, every piece is totally unique, to complement each wearer's individuality.


Studio F Design is a team of women who have formed with years of experience in fashion and design, the Collection is followed carefully through all the phases, starting from planning to the implementation of the pieces up to get to distribution but in always in only one direction: finding a meeting point between pragmatism and poetry. The collection is created after two years of experimentation and research. Rebirth Italy is a project that brings together everything that Studio F Design has always believed: sustainability, ethics, cooperation (especially female), craftsmanship, care and love for details, pride of Made in Italy, innovation in materials and shapes and attention to the welfare of those who wear the creations.