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BALTAGIANNI London | www.baltagianni.com

BALTAGIANNI is a contemporary fashion label that embraces a distinctive sense of ultramodern design. In its essence, the brandís approach is sharp, graphic, clean line and sculptural. Touching shapes, interlocking structures, color blocked figures evolve itís aesthetic. The designer mixes engineering, architectural and artistic practices and the design plan is a constant seesaw between austere and playful moods.
The label cast under the spell of futurism and minimalism to create conversational new shapes and silhouettes commanding a strong sense of individual spirit. For S/S14 the language is geometrical. It creates a season of doubles, to set a conversation between different or opposing elements with the ultimate goal of agreement and harmony. The experimental collection is inspired by the dual nature of a coming-on-pairs world and it derives from our natural desire for order and beauty.